Yoga and Mindfulness are changing the way our world works, for the better. With the rise of technology and globalization, today’s society has become increasingly stressful and competitive. These effects trickle down to the youngest members of humanity. Yoga and mindfulness help to combat these issues in our ever-changing world, benefitting both the body and the mind.


The benefits of yoga and mindfulness specifically on youth are numerous and substantial. They include:

  • Improved fitness and physical health

  • Reduced stress and anxiety

  • Improved optimism

  • Improved focus and memory

  • Improved academic performance and classroom behavior

  • Improved self-esteem and body image

  • Developed discipline and self-regulation

Yoga and mindfulness are essential tools for growing and developing children to stay healthy, sane, and on top of their game—giving them the life-long tools to thrive and succeed. If you want your child to have a more resilient outlook on life and effective coping mechanisms, yoga and mindfulness are the solution.

“Want peace and quiet, teach your kids about the awesome world of peace and quiet.” 


Do you want to become a CEO one day? Be the leader of an industry? A politician? Do you want to find happiness? 

To do that, you need a solid foundation and an understanding of how to lead with purpose and passion, while not being afraid to voice your opinion or concerns around your friends and family. Learn to stand up and speak in front of a crowd of any size while being the most authentic you.

In Leadership, you learn gratitude among many other tools to care for yourself, while making the world a better place and bringing yourself the success you dream of.


Leadership teaches you how to be your best self and develop and learn more about your natural talents and abilities to create your own success for the rest of your life.


Students who take this class grow their confidence and self- worth, while understanding what it takes to succeed and what success truly is.

Graduation Ceremony

We strive to spread the joys of music in our community!

We don’t just teach how to play an instrument and read music. We increase student's memory while helping to improving coordination, math, reading and comprehension skills

In band, students learn perseverance with a valuable sense of achievement and, while experiencing rich culture and history, learn a strong sense of responsibility.  Even though we all know music nurtures self-expression, it’s important to remember it also improves student’s listening and social skills.

Both Advanced, Intermediate and Beginning students  integrate with each other and perform as an inspirationally powerful ensemble, demonstrating the true power music has to unite us all.


While we know what does and doesn't work in a program and have tested out many different methods over the years, we still custom tailor our programs to fit individual school needs, as each community is different and requires special attention. 

Modern Minded is not just an outside group that comes in to teach you how to play an instrument, we are the mentors and coaches that are here to lead you as you discover the joys of music. Our programs do not only enrich the lives of its' participants, but it breathes new life into its' immediate environment by filling the halls with song.

Learn to be the strong, amazing, powerful woman you know you are.

In Girl Power, women learn respect for themselves through empowering exercises in pairs and groups. They learn to take risks and value and respect themselves with the powerful knowledge of their self-worth. 

Learn what female leaders across the world have been practicing for generations to elevate themselves into the highest level of business and government. Once you learn it, you will be astonished at how easy it is to access your inner power that can take you as high as you want to go.


If you can dream it, you can achieve it!  Let us help you get there. 

Girl Power


Whether you are new to songwriting or looking to get some help with songs you’ve already started, we will help you develop your craft as a songwriter through collaboration and fun.

This class is open to anyone who wants to write a song, so all you instrumentalists; guitar, piano, ukulele, obo, saxophone, mandolin—EVERYONE is welcome!

Singers and writers, let’s get started!









Become a better singer, instrumentalist and writer, by being pushed by a professional songwriter. We will help you cultivate your writing skills through new techniques and fun exercises to get your songs sounding the way YOU want them to!  


                                    ALL STYLES WELCOME!


Visual Art

In our Visual Arts classes, students focus on work with pencils, both colored and traditional. 

Students learning shading and proportions as well as how to design their own characters and express themselves on the page the way they see it in their minds. 

Join us for this fun hands on art class that helps your student to expand their creative tools and excites their passion for art!

In Dance the School Day Away, students will be introduced to various styles of dance, such as (but not limited to) Hip hop, tap, jazz, Latin dance, modern, country and even swing.

Students spend class time learning new routines and are even given opportunities to choreograph their own!

All levels of dance are welcome and no experience is required.


Come and have fun with us as we 

Dance the School day Away

In Choir, we focus on: Proper technique, singing in a group and in parts, proper breathing, annunciation, and singing a wide range of genres. Choir is tailored to the specific needs and expectations of the site. It is also a fun experience for all involved and the lessons learned last a lifetime.​




A critical thinking class geared to expand your student's way of thinking and ability to problem solve over a wide range of subjects. Brain Busters is a fun filled class full of brain teasers, word problems and critical thinking puzzles that will challenge your student, helping their brains to better develop and set them up for success!

From Improv, to scene and monologue work, to plays and musicals; we custom tailor our program to your community and set out to build you a fun theatre program with a solid foundation that will only grow as it develops year after year. 

If stepping into a school that has already had a programing place, we work tirelessly to listen to your likes and dislikes and recreate a program you can be proud of.